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Furacin ointment furacin mg nitrofurazone in g water-soluble base. Furacin cream contains mg nitrofurazone in g water-miscible base. Propylene Glycol 5g in g base. Furacin is a synthetic topical antibacterial agent unrelated atenolol bula anvisa the antibiotics and sulphonamides, with a broad spectrum of action.

Furacin is indicated in bacterial skin infections including pyodermas, infected dermatoses and infections of cuts, wounds, burns and ulcers due to susceptible organisms. Furacin is also of value in other conditions such as treatment of skin graft donor sites and otitis externa. Furacin is contra-indicated in patients with known sensitivity to nitrofurazone. Furacin ointment should be used with caution in patients with known or suspected renal pomada. The polyethylene glycols present in the base can be absorbed through large areas furacin denuded skin and may cause progressive renal impairment and metabolic acidosis.

Furacin 2mg and cream: Furacin ointment and cream is administered topically. Apply directly to the wound with sterile tongue-depressor or other spatula. Alternatively, melt the ointment or cream in a beaker at a little above body temperature and pour gently pomada to the wound. The ointment 2mg cream may also be applied on a gauze dressing, furacin 2mg pomada. For extensive burned areas, furacin 2mg pomada, large strips of sterile gauze impregnated with Furacin are often preferred.

furacin 2mg pomada

Bandages may be prevented from absorbing 2mg ointment or cream by covering the Furacin impregnated gauze with an impermeable layer such as jaconet or gauze saturated with petroleum jelly. If bandages stick, remove them by saturating with sterile saline. Dressings furacin be left undisturbed on burns, furacin 2mg pomada, cuts and wounds for 7 - pomada days.

Cine Farma UNIP - pomada de Nitrofurazona

pomada Sensitisation and generalised 2mg skin furacin may be produced. Intolerance to nitrofurazone, necessitating withdrawal, has been encountered. Cross sensitisation to other nitrofuran derivatives may occur.

furacin 2mg pomada

It is not recommended to continue using Furacin when the pomada is cleared. When Furacin 2mg used in the treatment of ear infection, the patient should be warned to stop therapy if any signs of irritation or oedema of the meatus appear. Treatment is symptomatic and supportive. Furacin ointment is a bright lemon yellow ointment.

Furacin cream is a pale yellow cream. Furacin ointment is available in tubes furacin 25g and jars of g.

Furacin Topical Cream

Furacin cream is available in tubes of 25g. Furacin ointment and cream is supplied in aluminium collapsible tubes and the ointment also in black plastic jars, furacin 2mg pomada.

furacin 2mg pomada

It should be stored in light-proof containers and contact with metals other than stainless steel or aluminium should be avoided, furacin 2mg pomada.

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Furacin ointment and cream is supplied in furacin collapsible tubes 2mg the ointment also in black plastic jars, furacin 2mg pomada. This pomada is available only with your doctor's prescription.

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Only your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist can provide you with furacin on what is safe 2mg effective for you, furacin 2mg pomada. Other Medical Problems The presence of other medical problems may affect pomada use of this medicine.